Music icon Larry Joe Taylor joined the Williams and Hyatt Show Wednesday afternoon to discuss the ‘ultimate guy series’, life in the music business, writing songs and some of his events like Larry Joe Taylor Fest (Stephenville, Tx) and Cool Mountain Nights, Hot Chili Days (Red River, NM).

Larry Joe Taylor Fest has already passed this year, but his Cool Mountain Nights, Hot Chili Days is coming up August 16th-18th.

Taylor talked with Hyatt about how Larry Joe Taylor Fest began and how much it has grown since its inception nearly 25 years ago.

“You talk about the ultimate guy thing.” Taylor said “There’s all the music you’d ever wanna listen to, all the beer you’d ever wanna drink and all the women you’d ever wanna see.”

Ever been curious as to whom Larry Joe himself is into these days or how ‘Up Against a Wall Redneck Mother’ came to be? Well just listen below.