It's been a war of words between Peyton Manning arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks of his generation, and Jim Irsay, owner/CEO of the Indianapolis Colts. As most of us have heard over and over again, the Indianapolis Colts have a $28 million dollar elephant in the room, its name is Peyton Manning.

Irsay has recently accused Manning of being a "politician" and attempting to paint the team in a "bad light." Irsay is frustrated with comments Manning made to the Indianapolis Star.

Manning is apparently frustrated with the environment around the Colt's complex, most likely due to the massive amount of housecleaning owner Jim Irsay did in letting go long time general manager Bill Polian and his son Chris as well as previous head coach Jim Caldwell and most of Caldwell's coaching staff.

It seems the biggest beef between Manning and Irsay is that Manning did not keep his thoughts, "in house."

It's hard to criticize Manning for questioning what exactly is taking place within the Colts organization. As of right now Manning has no clue which team he's going to be playing for, if he's even going to be playing, and Irsay is not doing a very good job of reassuring him one way or the other.

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