After West Virginia and the Big East reached a deal allowing the Mountaineers to bolt from the Big East, it looks as though Pittsburgh and Syracuse may be attempting to strike a similar deal.

According to Big East bylaws, if a school is to leave the conference they are required to give 27 months notice. West Virginia found a way out of it. By paying around 20 million dollars, the Big East is willing to part ways with the Mountaineers. Rumors are swirling that, Pitt and Syracuse, who had planned on waiting around the required 27 months, are striking a deal with the ACC to leave immediately.

Having Pitt and Syracuse leave would put the big east in an even larger bind then they already are. In the past year, the Big East has added Memphis, Central Florida, SMU and Houston from Conference USA, as well as Boise and San Diego State from the Mountain West. Navy is also scheduled to join in 2015 for football. These teams have to be questioning their commitments to a conference that is losing teams left and right. Also, it must be taken into consideration that the Big East now spans essentially the entire United States. With San Diego in the West, Syracuse in the east, Boise in the North, and Houston in the south, the Big East is the first true "national conference."

What most don't seem to be taking into consideration is the fact that, with the exception of football, the travel costs are going to be absolutely ridiculous. Only time will tell what will happen to the Big East.