Regardless of fan allegiance, it is generally accepted, that Josh Hamilton, when clean, sober, and healthy, is one of, if not the best player in the major leagues.

From that first statement, one can already pick out the problems. The last three seasons, Josh Hamilton has missed extensive time due to injury, and just recently suffered a relapse. Granted he is playing out of his mind so far this season, and if he can keep this pace up, he will be a shoo in for league MVP. He recently was forced to leave a game due to stiffness in his back. Luckily it doesn't seem too serioues.

The recent increase in injuries has led many pundits and talking heads to question if his past struggles with addiction have in some way affected the way his body functions and handles injury.

In a bit of an editorial section, I like to think Josh Hamilton tries, and gives 100% on every single play. Hamilton will put his body on the line to get the out and win the game, which is all you can ever ask of a player. Granted his drug and alcohol addictions probably haven't helped the situation, he still is hands down one of the best players in the league.

To refresh everyone's memory, check out the video of Hamilton talking about his struggles with addiction.

Right or wrong, Hamilton is prone to injury. What do you think? Is it his drug addiction the cause? Let us know below.