The College Baseball Hall of Fame has released renderings of their headquarters which will be located in Lubbock, Tx.

The building will be built around a baseball field. The field will be regulation size with standard 90-foot base paths. The outfield wall will be approximately 315 feet down the foul lines and 400 feet at center field. The field will be convertible to youth play with the Hall of Fame intending to host youth tournaments at the ball park. The Hall of Fame also intends to have field-turf as opposed to grass.

With the building being built around the field the main entrance will be situated behind home plate. The main entrance will be a rotunda to greet all visitors. The building will continue along the 1st and 3rd baselines.

Along the 1st base side there will be rentable space or a banquet hall to host special events. this is where the kitchen will be housed as well as storage for certain exhibits and artifacts.

The 3rd base side will host the actual Hall of Fame. The actual Hall of Fame will include a theater, various exhibits, a gallery, a gift shop and an interactive center for children to learn the history of collegiate baseball.

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