Rangers fans have taken things to a new level. Ron Washington, the Texas Rangers manager who is widely credited with bringing the Rangers to new heights of success on the field now has a puppet.

The video, frankly, is just odd. Understandably, most true Rangers fans, who haven't come around in the last couple of years, have been begging for success, and now that they finally have it, they aren't quite sure how to handle it. That, at least we can hope, is the reason we saw this pop up at a recent Rangers game. Check out the video below.

In actual baseball news, the Rangers took down the Oakland Athletics last night 4-1. Yu Darvish pitched 7 2/3 innings giving up 1 run, and striking out 7. Adrian Beltre belted a two run homer for the Rangers. Craig Gentry and Elvis Andrus had RBI singles for the Rangers.