Troubled NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf pleaded guilty to breaking into a house and possession of prescription drugs. Leaf, pleaded to one count of burglary and drug possession during his hearing in Cascade County District Court.

The plea agreements recommends that Leaf, who has struggled with addiction most of his adult life, serve at least nine months in a drug rehabilitation clinic.
Leaf may have gotten off essentially scott free in Cascade County, but will most likely face a much stiffer sentence in when he returns to Texas where his 10 year probation was recently revoked.

Leaf was sentenced when he came under investigation while he was a coach at West Texas A&M, and was found to be in possession of over 1,000 stolen pain killers. He was also accused of stealing pills from a players house.

Little is known about what will happen to Ryan Leaf, and regardless of what one thinks about him as a player, as a person, one has to hope he can conquer his demons and beat his addiction.