With the college football season getting underway in just a few short days, I'm giving my prediction on the final standing for the Big 12 and where I think the schools will head for bowl season.

There are 4 tiers in the Big 12 this season. OU is the only school in the top tier. I feel they will run through this conference with OSU and A&M posing potential roadblocks, and the game in Dallas against UT can always be an upset. However, I think OU will make it through undefeated and meet an SEC team or an undefeated Nebraska from the Big 10 in the National Championship.

The next tier is where OSU and A&M reside. These schools are interchangeable in my view at the #2 and #3 spots, with the #2 team earning a BCS nod. They are the only ones that pose a legitimate threat to OU, talent wise, for the Big 12 title.

The 3rd tier are where Mizzou, Texas Tech and Texas call home. None of these schools have the skill to battle OU for the title, but they can throw a monkey wrench into the machine if they can upset OSU or A&M, which they all very well could. UT will rebound, but not all the way to the top. They still have to recover from losing some very key personnel, both on and off the field.

The final tier is for the also rans, the perennial bottom dwellers of the Big 12. Without a doubt, Baylor is the king of the bottom dwellers, but they aren't up to the Tech and Mizzou level, yet. I think Baylor will be able to make a bowl while KSU, ISU and KU are left out. If any of these schools win more than 3 conference games I will be stunned.

Final Standings

* Champion: Oklahoma - BCS National Championship

Texas A&M -Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

Oklahoma State - Cotton Bowl

Texas - Alamo Bowl

Missouri - Insight Bowl

Texas Tech - Holiday Bowl

Baylor - New Era Pinstripe Bowl