We had hoped the days of streaking had come and gone. Sadly, we were wrong. At Busch Stadium, 22 year old Collin J. Grundstrom lost a bet, and decided that going streaking was a good idea. The security staff at Busch Stadium didn't agree.

According to CBS Sports, Joe Walsh, Busch Stadium's head of security observed that Grundstrom, "appeared to have been drinking." Maybe the biggest understatement of all time.

According to reports, Grundstrom was held overnight at a local jail, and was released after being charged with being a spectator running on the playing field and lewd and lascivious behavior. Grundstrom might face jail time for his actions.

Cardinals third baseman David Freese also told CBS Sports when asked if he was nervous the streaker might try and hurt a player, "He's naked so I don't think he's carrying much. That relaxes that bit of the drama. I guess naked is better. Less to worry about."

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