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The Houston Astros Held a Funeral for Carlos Beltran’s Glove
The Houston Astros are 15.5 games ahead of the second place team in the AL west and they own the best record in the AL by 10 games. In fact, if it wasn't for the Dodgers out in Los Angeles the Astros would have the best record in baseball.
Playing on one of the best teams in the league generally…
Is The AL West Already Decided?
Last week the Astros looked dead in the water. The Rangers had heated back up and the Mariners were stalling. This week, the Rangers have stalled the Astros have won five straight and the mariners went 3 - 2.
The Rangers are still in control but the Astros have proven they are not dead...
Rangers, Astros Aim to Clinch in Texas Today
The Houston Astros climbed onto the back of Dallas Keuchel on Sunday, October 11 and he carried them to a 4-2 victory. That put them in a position to clinch that ALDS series today.
The Texas Rangers also played yesterday with the same result: A 2-1 series lead...

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