SuicideGirl Of The Day

Katherine — SuicideGirl of the Day [PICS]
Meet Katherine, a SuicideGirl who calls herself a complete drunk, makes her own happiness and thinks she eats way too much junk food. She loves the way new lingerie feels on her skin but we’re sure we’d love the way it looks on her much more.
Luscious – Suicide Girl of the Day [PICS]
Meet Luscious, a Canadian Suicide Girl who says she enjoys long runs in her city and running inanimate objects over with her car. If you score a date with this hottie, make sure hitting a fast-food joint isn't on the itinerary, as she says she "would eat animals if it was back to the old-school…
Silencia – Suicide Girl of the Day [PICS]
Meet Silencia, a Suicide Girl who loves grandparents and sarcasm and says her list of hobbies is composed of lots of things ending in "ing." This babe says she couldn't live without her brain and heart, but could probably make it without her other organs.
Manko – Suicide Girl Of The Day [PICS]
Meet Manko, a Suicide Girl from the U.K. who says being mistaken for a transvestite makes her happy and that she spends most of her time wallowing in her self-obsession. Watch out, boys, this one's feisty!
Ackley – Suicide Girl of the Day [PICS]
Meet Ackley, a Californian Suicide Girl who digs skateboards, knows her amendments and listens religiously to NPR. While this babe is certainly worthy of sinking your teeth into, be careful, she lists "Santa Clara vampires" as one of the things she hates.

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