SuicideGirl Of The Day

Discoquette Suicide — Today’s SuicideGirl
Meet Discoquette – a 25-year-old designer, producer and fashion stylist who likes listening to Crystal Castles, Muse and Phoenix, watching ‘Closer’ and ‘Natural Born Killers’, and playing Silent Hill and Resident Evil. We’ve got sinfu…
Episkey Suicide — Today’s SuicideGirl
Meet Episkey – a 22-year-old SuicideGirl who loves arts & crafts, Harry Potter, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, King Henry VIII, ‘South Park’ and anything Tim Burton. She also hates bills and shopping. That’s a keeper. Will you be OUR Corpse B…
Rourke – Today’s SuicideGirl
Meet Rourke – a 23-year-old electronica snob who loves Bloody Marys, robots, gnomes, getting naked, and Italians. Do 1/4 Italians work? Not midgets… although, she does like gnomes. Do Italian gnomes work? We’ll make it work.
Amarena Suicide — Today’s SuicideGirl
Meet Amarena,  a 27-year-old from Illinois who’s into English Bulldogs, making “that’s what she said” jokes, cheese-filled pasta, ice cream and the toilet. Well, if you spend enough time there, it can become a fortress of solitude.
Terry – Today’s SuicideGirl
Meet Terry – a 20 year old student from the Ukraine who loves listening to the Wu-Tang Clan, Joy Division, and Depeche Mode. She also enjoys watching David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock movies, Daria, South Park, and Lie To Me. We can’t lie, Terry, we think you’re …

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