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Doug Gottlieb Tweets Outrageous Take After Beltre hits 3,000th
On Sunday Night Adrian Beltre did what only 30 other men in MLB history have ever done. He hit his 3000th hit. Adrian Beltre is 38 years old and has been playing baseball in the Majors since he debuted for the LA Dodgers when he was 19.
Instead of taking a moment to bask in the achievements of others…
Injured Prince Fielder Will Remain on Texas Rangers Roster
Prince Fielder is medically retired. He physically cannot play baseball anymore, but that won't stop him from being on the roster. He is not retired retired though.
The "medically not cleared to play" news came in a press conference from Fielder himself where he announced he wa…
Yu Darvish Can Pitch And Provide His Own Run Support
Yu Darvish is a really good pitcher. He can also hit home runs.
In the top of the 5th inning against the Cincinnati Reds, an National League team, Yu Darvish got an opportunity to bat. He normally doesn't get to bat because the Rangers are an American League team and the AL uses a designated hit…
Is The AL West Already Decided?
Last week the Astros looked dead in the water. The Rangers had heated back up and the Mariners were stalling. This week, the Rangers have stalled the Astros have won five straight and the mariners went 3 - 2.
The Rangers are still in control but the Astros have proven they are not dead...

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