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Who Is Texas Tech Walk-on Caden Leggett?
In the 2018 football recruiting cycle, Texas Tech was credited with 17 recruits, which were ranked as a whole the 10th best class (read: the worst) in the Big 12. The class, without ever playing a down, was widely dismissed and believed to be terrible and indicative of Kliff Kingsbury's downwar…
You Can Now Add Milk and ‘Wreck MMMS’ to Your Tailgate Party
I'm not going to sugarcoat it. Texas Tech football hasn't been spectacular in recent memory, we don't need a fortune cookie to tell us that.
We are all waiting for the team to bake us happy again with their play on the field.
Now, there is reason for optimism because the first batch of …
What Can the Texas Tech Rushing Attack Achieve in 2018?
What can the Texas Tech rushing attack achieve in 2018? Best case scenario? A lot.
In a pass-happy system (allegedly) at a school like Texas Tech, there's very little expectation for the running game to be great. Which is why I want to get in on this early...

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