Talk about adding insult to injury.

Earlier this week, Terrell Owens was released from the Indoor Football League's Allen Wranglers, a team he had partial ownership of until he got canned. And if getting fired and losing your stake in the team wasn't bad enough for TO, check out how the Wranglers rubbed salt into those wounds.

If what TMZ reports is true, embattled Indoor Football League superstar Terrell

Owens (who, we believe, used to play in the NFL once upon a time) is getting ready to sue his former team, the Dallas-based Allen Wranglers, for wrongful termination. Once T.O. was booted from the team for alleged contract violations, the Wranglers took it a few steps further by insisting that Owens return the 2012 Jeep Cherokee he had been given, sending an eviction notice, and writing a check for the receiver's ownership share in the team ... which turned out to be for $50.

Owens, who refused to travel to Nebraska and Washington state for road games, really offended the team when he no-showed at a charity function at a local hospital. "It is not the desire of the Allen Wranglers' organization to disappoint fans by having our most notable player miss a scheduled appearance," said team president and co-owner Tommy Benizio.

Team owner John Frankel agreed. "Our fans are amongst the best in the league and it is impossible to maintain a player when even our fans notice and comment on a player's lack of effort both on and off the field," he said in the statement announcing Owens' release. "We need to do what is best for this team, our fans and this community."

So let's recap: TO has no more job,  no more car, no more house, more than a few women coming after him for child support, and a high probability that no other football team, indoor or otherwise, will ever hire him again. I would say, "you have nowhere to go but up from here," but with the luck this guy's been having, I'm sure there's some way things will get worse before they get better.