Minutes before the kickoff of tonight's Texas Tech- Texas A&M Football game; Texas A&M officials issued a statement concerning reports of vandalism toward the A&M's traveling party:

Texas A&M statement on bus incident at team hotel in Lubbock, Texas

This report was issued by Texas A&M assistant police chief Mike Ragan , who oversees Aggie football team security at road venues:
Texas A&M’s four team buses were parked in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn on Avenue Q in Lubbock, Texas. Late Friday night or early Saturday morning, Texas Tech logos and some derogatory comments were written on the buses in washable paint. One of the buses could not be locked.

Inside of that bus, some type of animal excrement has been spread throughout. Bus drivers from Coach America in Dallas, Texas cleaned up the buses and reported to their company. Texas A&M Assistant Police Chief Mike Ragan contacted Texas Tech police to notify them of the incident. No police report was filed with the Lubbock Police Department or the Department of Public Safety.