Texas Rangers broadcaster Eric Nadel will be recognized on Saturday when he is inducted into the Rangers Hall of Fame.

Nadel will be inducted into the Rangers Hall of Fame as part of the club's 40-year anniversary celebration on Saturday. He has been with the club for 34 of those years, and has not only become known as the voice of the Rangers, but as one of the premier broadcasters in the industry.

Nadel’s past honors include being a seven-time Texas Sportscaster of the Year, but this weekend he will become just the 15th member of the Rangers Hall of Fame.

"More than anything, it means that I have been here long enough to have bonded with our fans and developed a relationship with them," Nadel said. "It's not easy listening to the same voice, night after night, 162 times a year without getting sick of it. To have people enjoy listening to me doing that for this long is very special to me. And having had the opportunity to experience the growth of this organization into a model franchise has been incredible."

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