Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt joined the Williams & Hyatt Show Thursday afternoon discuss to hiring of Bob Bowlsby as Big 12 commissioner, the success of Texas Tech spring sports and much more.

Hyatt led off the discussion by asking Mr. Hocutt what were the selling points for Bowlsby coming in to take over this league with the challenges that it faces right now?

“It was a presidential led search committee,” Hocutt said. “Bob reports to the board which is made up of all of the 10 presidents. Dr. Bailey was extremely involved with the process but I think the presidents made the perfect choice with the selection of Bob Bowlsby. I don’t think there’s a better candidate to lead us going forward.”

Mr. Hocutt also touched on how Bowlsby’s on campus experience was a big selling point as well, separating him from other conference’s athletic directors.