The Texas Tech Red Raiders (3-0, 0-0) take their #1 nationally ranked defense on the road Saturday at the Iowa State Cyclones (3-0, 0-0) in the Big 12 opener for both teams.

Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville said that while he's impressed with the number one ranking now, it will come back to earth in Big 12 Conference play, " I think we'll get a much tougher test the next nine weeks than what we have had, and not that the teams that we have played couldn't move the ball a little different.

"I'm proud of where we are at in terms of stopping the run. We have not seen a lot of passing teams, teams throw it down the field much, so we'll get a lot biggest test there. So it's good to have some success. I think our guys are building confidence. The reality will set in in terms of what we are getting ready to get into. We have talked to our players about that. It's good to look and say, hey, we have improved and we are getting better and we have. But to that extent, being number. 1, I don't know whether we are at that point or not or even close. But we are not where we were last year at this time, either. So we are probably somewhere in the middle. So it will all work its way out."

Tuberville also gave an update on some of the injuries facing the Red Raiders. Offensive lineman Tony Morales will be out this week. However, defensive back Cornelius Douglas and wide receiver Marcus Kennard will play.

Quarterback Seth Doege said having the bye week, last week, was a help to the Red Raiders, "Well, I guess it's a good thing that we've had a week off and everybody's recovered their bodies, and our first test is coming up and everybody's excited. The excitement builds and we are ready to play. We just need a really good week of
preparation. We started practice yesterday and we had a really good practice. So you know, I think guys are focused and ready to go and we'll be ready on Saturday."

Defensive captain D.J. Johnson was asked about the importance of forcing turnovers, an area the Red Raiders have had difficulty. With Iowa State's penchant for throwing interceptions, can you capitalize off of that? "That's our goal," Johnson said. "That's something I feel like we really didn't achieve through these first three games, not just getting a lot of turnovers like they should. Our whole is to get three turnovers a game at least. So we are really going to focus on that."

Texas Tech at Iowa State is set for a 6 o'clock kickoff Saturday on FOX College Sports. The FAN's Countdown to Kickoff gets underway at 3p with FAN Feedback from The Roof immediately after the game.