It seems inevitable at this point, anytime a coaching position at any semi-major school opens up, current Red Raider head coach Tommy Tuberville's name seems to pop up.

For the Red Raider fans out there, do you remember when Tuberville to Miami was a sure thing? Or how about that time he was going to leave Texas Tech to bring A&M into the SEC? The point is, Tuberville has been rumored to be a candidate for seemingly every coaching job in the geographical vicinity of the planet Earth since taking the Tech job. The important thing to remember however is that Tommy Tuberville is still the head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, so much for everything on the internet being true...

The difference between the Arkansas rumor, and the various other jobs Tuberville has been attached to is that Tuberville is a native son of Arkansas. Granted Tommy Tuberville has not been as successful on the field recently as he has been over the course of his career, going 18-19 in his last three seasons as a head coach, Tuberville knows how to recruit the state of Texas, crucial if Arkansas wants to continue their current run of success. Tuberville also knows how to navigate the SEC and recruit SEC caliber talent and athletes. Most of all, Tuberville is a safe hire, unlikely to be found on a motor cycle with a volleyball playing coed, which he may or may not be having an affair with.  Will any of this matter to Arkansas, who knows?

Of course there are many other names up for the job. Check those out here, and here.

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