Texas Tech head coach and former Auburn coach has been listed in a federal lawsuit, accused of defrauding investors out of more than $1.7 million in Alabama following his tenure at Auburn.

According to documentation, Tuberville and John David Stroud misappropriated assets, and falsified client statements and fund performance reports as they “unjustly enriched themselves” at the expense of the investors.

It was also claimed in the lawsuit that, Tuberville and Stroud, who were described as equal partners in the firm, didn't file federal or state income tax returns in a timely fashion and weren't registered to do business in Alabama, according to the suit.

Essentially, the lawsuit is claiming that Tommy Tuberville and Stroud acted recklessly and without any regard for their investors.

In a statement , by coach Tuberville and his attorney "“He (Tuberville) categorically denies any wrongdoing which has been attributed to him in this suit, coach Tuberville absolutely never solicited any investment from any of these or other individuals.”

Tuberville claims to have never met most of the investors making claims against him.

Before people read too much into it, this is an accusation, not fact. It seems Tech fans may have an honorary  law degree considering what has gone on the past few seasons.

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