Last week The Bleacher Report released their Top 10 list for the best schools for WR's and Texas Tech was in the top 10. The Red Raider's came in 3rd place for best in the nation for wide receivers. Texas Tech is not the only Texas School to be mentioned in the Top 10. The Houston Cougars made the list at 10, and the SMU Mustangs, under high flying June Jones, came in at 8.

Here is the break down of the entire list from the Bleacher Report.

Top 10 Schools for a Wide Receiver To Attend:
10: Houston Cougars

9: LSU Tigers

8: SMU Mustangs

7: Oregon Ducks

6: Notre Dame

5: Florida Gators

4: USC Trojans

3: Texas Tech Red Raiders

2: Miami Hurricanes

1: Hawaii Warriors