The window for the Texas Tech Red Raiders to make the post season got a little smaller last night when the Red Raiders lost 7-5 to the Kansas State Wildcats.

The situation for the Red Raiders is a precarious one, if the Red Raiders win out, they make the Big 12 Championship. If the Red Raiders lose one more game, and Kansas, who won yesterday, wins out, the Red Raiders are out of any postseason play.

Essentially its a jumbled mess, and the only way that Texas Tech can insure any sort of post season play is to win out. Hopefully they can pull it off.

Duke von Schamann, the starter for the Red Raiders took the loss, falling to 6-4 on the season after giving up five runs on seven hits with four strikeouts. The loss brings the Red Raiders to 28-25 on the season and 6-16 in Big 12 play.

Let us know what you think about the Red Raiders and their season so far, and what you think of the Raiders season so far.