The NCAA Women's Basketball committee has announced that Texas Tech will host a first and second round game of the 2013 Women's Basketball Tournament. This will be the eleventh time Texas Tech as hosted a tournament games, and the first since 2009. The games are scheduled for either March 23rd and March 25th, or March 24 and March 26th. The dates will be officially confirmed in June.

According to, Tech head coach Kristy Curry said that, "This is a tremendous honor,  we are very excited that the NCAA Committee has chosen Texas Tech as one of its schools to host fans for the 2013 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament. We have some of the most loyal and best fans in the country at Texas Tech when it comes to women's basketball and I know they will be delighted to have the tournament in our own backyard."

This is a opportunity for the Texas Tech basketball program to gain some national exposure. The Lady Raiders are looking to return to national prominence that they experienced over the last 20 years. Getting to host the some of the NCAA tournament is a step in the right direction.

You can check out the entire list of host schools here.