Texas Tech and Texas to play Thanksgiving Day in 2013

Texas Tech will play Texas in football on Thanksgiving Day in 2013. Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News reported this earlier Monday afternoon and then confirmed by Tech SID Blayne Beal. The Big 12 is trying to solidify the permanent home game for the Horns on the holiday. As a Tech fan, I can’t support this because there shouldn’t be any kowtowing to Austin. If this is what it takes for Tech to have a midseason bye-week then some things should be reconsidered in Lubbock. A Thanksgiving Day game in Lubbock would flop so let’s put to rest the talk of hosting Tech-Texas in Lubbock that day.

Westboro Baptist Protests Baylor, gets Trolled by Bear Students

Saturday night in Waco, there was a lot of excitement on and off the field for Baylor Bear Fans. Not only did the bears topple No. 1 Kansas State 52-24, they also crashed a protest of a traveling hate group.

KCEN-TV in Waco reported the hate-filled group from Westboro “Baptist Church” in Kansas protested the game because of America’s obsession with sports and not things they care about, like bashing gays or protesting the funerals of fallen soldiers.

I applaud some of the Baylor students with their counter protest with signs reading; “Worst Tailgate Party Ever,” or “Football is Fabulous,” but this will only provoke the heretics at Westboro. They are not a Christian group. As a Christian, we are known by the love we show others and the evidences of grace through our actions as we reflect the love of Jesus our Lord. They do not reflect such fruit in their actions.

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