The Dallas Cowboys continue to bolster their injured defensive line as DeMarcus Ware continues his rehab.  That roster addition was five year veteran Everette Brown who had most recently been with the Philadelphia eagles and with the Detroit Lions.  Jerry Jones and company are still trying to swallow that heartbreaking 31-30 loss they suffered to those Lions this past Sunday.

Otto Greule Jr, Getty Images

Brown (Pictured on the Left) was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in 2009 out of Florida State University.  He was a much better player with his hand on the ground than when he was playing in a two point stance. Everette was able to show some surprising power when rushing the passer for Carolina.  He will need to play on the edge and not attack blockers down the middle due to his small 6-2, 263 lb frame.  When he loses his momentum is when he can have some issues.

Dallas' Mo Claiborne is also nursing an injury this week as he suffer what he described as "he felt it grab."  Claiborne (Pictured on the Right) had this to say about the injury, “It was coming in to halftime, so right after that, we went right in.  I tried to get it rubbed down and tried to get some tighter compression shorts to put on, went back out in the second half on that first drive and tried to play on it. It was still grabbing at me a little bit, so it wouldn’t make no sense to try to stay out there and damage it more.”

Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

There is no official word on his status for Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings, but there have been speculations that he could be out a few weeks.