The Dallas Mavericks finally got their White House visit, and meeting with President Barack Obama.

President Obama honored the team at a White House ceremony, but without Mavericks Guard Delonte West who allegedly didn’t pass a background check for a 2009 arrest for owning illegal weapons. Aside from that hold up, the President was quoted by the AP saying that "This was a remarkable run, a great victory, It's too bad that next year, it'll be the Chicago Bulls here."

Obama's comment has caused a bit of controversy, but it should come as no shock, Obama is known as a huge supporter of his hometown Bulls. Regardless of his support, he praised the Mavericks for their accomplishments, especially taking down the Heat in the title game, who were widely thought to be one of the best teams of the last decade.

Hopefully this will not distract them from a repeat as champions, they have a lot of work to do this season if they hope to return.