The Dallas Mavericks cannot seem to get things together this season. After being picked apart by the Heat 105-94, the Mavericks sputtered out of the gate against the Nuggets, playing an abysmal first half. At one point the Mavericks had given up 20 straight points and missed 14 consecutive baskets on a drought that lasted nearly the entire second quarter. The Nuggets were up 69-42 at the half, and things didn't improve from there.

The Nuggets needed only 12 baskets in the second half to secure the 115-93 win that wasn't nearly as close as the score. The Mavs trailed by 33 in the third quarter, a day after being down by 35 in the third quarter against Miami. Including a pair of preseason games against Oklahoma City, Dallas has been behind by at least 23 points in every game since being crowned champs.

Shawn Marion thinks the reason for the recent struggles the Mavericks have experienced is because, "We're not comfortable with each other on both ends of the floor." Recent Mavericks addition Lamar Odom played 33 minutes, but came away with just six points and was 1-10 from the field.

Whatever the reason for their recent struggles, the Mavericks need to come together as a team and start playing like the reigning champs. Rick Carlisle has a lot of work ahead of him.

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