The bench for the Houston Rockets did most of the work Wednesday night. Combined they accounted for 66 of Houston's 103 points against the Portland Trail Blazers. The Bench was doing well enough in fact that it allowed coach Kevin McHale the luxury of resting his starters ahead of a tough stretch for the Rockets.

Chase Budinger has a season best 22 points to lead the Rockets. Courtney Lee added 14 more for the Rockets in clean up duty. Not all is well with the Rockets however as starting guard Kyle Lowry injured his right elbow and left the game. The team confirmed that it was a strain, but the extent of the injury is not yet known. Lowry told the Associated Press that, "It's a little bit sore but we're just going to treat it, I don't want to sit out any games, so I'll see how it feels in the morning."

Lowry's injury could greatly affect the direction of Houston's season, as he has been the spark for the offense for much of the season.

The Rockets are in action Thursday against the Phoenix Suns.