The Miami Heat managed to come back from a 63-49 halftime deficit to beat the San Antonio Spurs 120-98. The Heat utilized a 39 point third quarter, and outscoring the Spurs 71-35 after the half. Amazingly the Heat shot nearly 70 percent in the second half of the game.

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich told the Associated Press after the game that, "We should be embarrassed." One has to wonder if the Heat were on a hot streak, or if the Spurs defense just checked out of the game.

Chris Bosh also talked to the AP after the game saying of the shooting streak the he, "Can't explain it"

The Spurs played well, but the loss drops their record to 9-5, all of their wins have come at home, and every loss has come on the road.  The Heat are 9-4 on the seasons.