A guilty please of mine is listening to some local sports talk hosts on stations across the country. One of them is Mike Francesa of WFAN in New York.

In the fashion of a true sports talk host, Francesa this afternoon spent a portion of his show today going over the favorites (and potential odds) for Pope and analyzing the selection after the white smoke emerged from The Vatican.

"An American would be a 200-1 shot. That would be like in the (Kentucky) Derby a 200-1 shot, I would think," Francesa said.

Unfortunately, for Francesa, he ends up mistakenly saying that an Italian became pope in the interim period before Pope Francis I was officially announced.

One of my favorite quotes from Francesa was, "I would if you come into the top three or four does it mean you got a good chance next time. Does it put you in the mix or exclude you in the future? Like if a guy like Cardinal (Timothy) Dolan, he hasn't been a Cardinal very long. But if he got a lot of votes, would it put him in the mix 10-15 years from now? Age is key here."

The audio here is a little lengthy, but then again Francesa took a lot of time to discuss the selection of a new pope on his show.

At the end of the day, a sports talk host can break almost anything down like it's a team or game.