1340 the Fan's very own Scott Fitzgerald, host of the Sports Shack was present at the Big 12 media days when Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops took the stage. Fitzgerald asked a question of Stoops, that according to Fitzgerald's account flustered the head coach. Stoops was asked by Fitzgerald, "what  he wanted Jones to improve on this off season." Stoops fired back in a flustered manner,

"I didn’t ask him to have to improve on anything. I asked about 10 guys around him (to improve). (Everybody said) Landry struggled. No he didn’t. The offense struggled. He had more dropped passes in the last three games maybe ... we couldn’t even keep track of how many. We didn’t run the football as effectively as we needed to at all. All of that goes together. And so to me it’s more of an issue of the offense and the offense around him than it is him."

Granted Stoops was not simply defending Jones, he was speaking the truth. Jones did not play well, but that was not completely his fault. It was mostly due to the offense around him struggling mightily.

Listen below to Scott share his story of his encounter with Stoops at the Big 12 Media Days.