For the foreseeable future, Tim Tebow will continue to be questioned for his worthiness of being an NFL starter, but for the time being, the Denver Broncos have full confidence in him. In an attempt to avoid the media spectacle that's sure to surround the Broncos during spring training, the Broncos have named Tim Tebow the starter.

John Elway told the AP, that the reasoning behind the move was that, "He made some good strides this year, He obviously played very well against Pittsburgh and played very well in a lot of football games."

It seems a bit knee jerk, but truly who else do the Broncos have on their roster?

Most seem to think the Broncos should take another quarterback of a similar mold to Tim Tebow, but that person must also be a more developed pocket passer. Who that person is, or if the Broncos are even looking is all speculation at this point.

Broncos fans are looking forward to more Tebow time.