Yesterday afternoon, in an interview on Galloway & Company in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Texas Red Raider Head Coach Tommy Tuberville discussed the pending addition of West Virginia to the Big 12 Conference.

West Virginia's invitation to the Big 12 is conditional upon Missouri leaving the Big 12 for the SEC.

When asked about West Virginia, Tuberville immediately brought up another school from the Big East Conference, "I thought it would be Louisville (added to the Big 12).  I thought they would be a better fit for the situation of the Big 12. West Virginia's going to be great, it's just that the distance to travel is going to be a little different for everybody and for fans getting in-and-out (of Morgantown)."

Tuberville was then asked, so you think it will be a big challenge to integrate West Virginia into the Big 12? "We'll make it work. I knew it would be one of those two (Louisville or West Virginia), and they asked me, I said 'I'd be fine with either one'. It's just that the logistics for football is going to be a lot better than it is for every other sport because we only have to go one time every two years."

The Big East Conference is reeling after losing TCU to the Big 12 and Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the ACC.

The Big 12 Conference in the last year-and-a-half has lost Texas A&M, Colorado and Nebraska.