I love podcasts. I listen to a wide array of shows from philosophy to sports and I want to give you a list of shows that I listen to that are noteworthy.

  • One of the top podcasts out there and by far one of the best in the sports realm is The Rich Eisen Podcast. Eisen, the former ESPN Sports and lead host on the NFL Network, releases the podcast every Tuesday and talks about the NFL with the newsmakers in the league. The podcast is top notch for those who love the NFL and want to be entertained.
  • For the soccer lover, there are many fine and underrated podcasts to get your fix for the pitch, but one stands out from them all. The EPL Talk podcast is posted multiple times a week and previews the week’s matches and analyzes the previous games. If you want intelligent talk on the Premiership and want to stay informed, download this podcast. You wont be disappointed. They have an excellent website also dedicated to the EPL with up to date news on the league at EPLTalk.com.
  • One of the best sports shows in the country also has one of the best podcasts. The Dan Patrick Show airs on 1340 The Fan from 9 to 11am and 1 to 2pm on weekdays. If you miss the analysis of Dan while on 1340, you can download the podcast catch up.