The last game of the season for high school basketball players can be emotional, especially for those seniors who will play competitively for the last time.

El Paso Coronado manager Mitchell Marcus loves basketball and for the last game of the season his coach made the decision to put him in.

The catch was this for Coach Pete Morales: Marcus goes into the game in the last minute no matter what the score of the game is.

Gutsy move, coach.

Marcus has a developmental disorder, but loves the game of basketball. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for the Coronado senior.

At stake in the game with El Paso Franklin was a perfect district record for Coronado in the season finale.

With over a minute left in the game, Marcus is put in the game as Coronado had a 10 point lead.

A few missed shots and a turnover by Marcus all but sealed his chances for points in the game until a Franklin player called Marcus over on the inbound pass with seconds left in the game.

Jonathan Montanez gave the ball to Marcus on the inbounds pass and Marcus earned his glory with a 4-foot shot right before time expired.

The crowd rushed the court and mobbed Marcus and celebrated the made basket and act of sportsmanship rarely seen today in sports.