The University Interscholastic League (UIL) announced Tuesday afternoon a startling decision on the future of classifications in the state of Texas. During the UIL’s policy subcommittee meeting there was talk of creating a Class 6A for athletics and academic competitions, but not in a way that would allow the larger schools in Dallas or Houston for example to be in a class themselves.

The classifications would push schools up in classification and eliminate the Six-man designation, but six-man football would still be played. For example, 5A would become 6A and so on until six-man would just be 1A. The enrollment numbers for each classification wouldn’t be changed drastically, but there could be expansion from the mandatory number of 245 high schools in the highest classification.

Also discussed during their meeting were adding a fourth playoff participant in team sports for Class 3A and 2A. Currently the UIL playoff numbers are three teams from each district. Some districts in West Texas in 3A and 2A have had only five teams in a district making it nearly impossible now for a team to miss the playoffs now.

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