Thanks to Paul Lukas' Uni-Watch website, some of the mystery has been taken out of the possible uniforms for Texas Tech Football in 2013.

As Lukas wrote on Sunday:

If you go to this page and hit the right-hand arrow, you can see when Under Armour is planning to unveil new uniforms for a bunch of schools. And if you click on the teaser flags, or even just hover your cursor over them, the resulting URLs tell you what those schools will be getting:




The road version of the "Guns Up" jerseys made their debut this past Friday night at SMU.  The home, black version, of the "Guns Up" jerseys will be worn September 7 vs. Stephen F. Austin.

Red Raider Outfitter via Under Armour

Other jersey themes for this season include the mystery grey "Guns Up" jersey which was leaked over the Summer by Red Raider Outfitter (h/t Viva the Matadors). According to the UnderArmour website the grey "Guns Up" jersey will be worn Thursday, September 12 against TCU.

The home finale of the 2013 season will see the Red Raiders wear jerseys with the theme 'Lone Survivor' against Kansas State on November 9. The final jersey theme of the regular season is 'Lone Star Pride'. Once again, the 'Lone Star Pride' jerseys will be worn against Texas.  Texas Tech plays at Texas on Thanksgiving night in a game nationally televised on FOX Sports 1.

What do you think about this year's Texas Tech Football jerseys?  Let us know in the comments.