Usain Bolt won his second consecutive gold medal in the 100 meter dash. Bolt set an Olympic record of 9.63 seconds in his gold medal performance.

With his back to back medals, Bolt joined Olympic legend Carl Lewis as the only men to win the 100m dash in back to back Olympics.

Discussing the race, Bolt stated, "A lot of people doubted me, A lot of people said I wasn't going to win. I wanted to show the world that I'm still No. 1, that I'm still the best. I show up on the day.''

Bolt also added that he is, "One step closer to being a legend.''

Congratulations to Bolt, but the rest of the world is starting to catch up. His margin of victory was only .12 seconds, down from .2 in Beijing. If Bolt continues in competition, he will be 31 in the next Olympics. As Apollo Creed put it best, "It's too bad we've got to get old."

Oddly enough, in an event getting as much, if not more press from the event, Judo star Edith Boschhit a man who threw a bottle onto the track just before the event. Commenting on the event, Bosh stated, "He threw that bottle and in my emotion I hit him on the back with the flat of my hand. Then he was scooped up by the security. However, he did make me miss the final, and I am very sad about that. I just cannot understand how someone can do something like that."

Olympic organizers  stated, "Throwing a bottle on to the field of play is unacceptable, it's not just unacceptable at an Olympic Games but at any sporting event and anybody who does that will be removed. There is zero tolerance for anything like that."