The 2012 NFL season opens up tonight with the Dallas Cowboys at the New York Giants in a game you can hear at 7p on 1340 The Fan.  The Cowboys' playoff troubles have been well documented over the years as Jerry Jones tries recapture the magic of the 1990s.

Yahoo! Sports Radio's Doug Russell (pictured) joined The Sports Shack with Scott Fitzgerald and Alan Berger this morning to talk about the Cowboys and the rest of the NFL.

Doug said he's excited the NFL is back and he thinks the Cowboys need to play up to expectations, "This is a team that I think has underachieved for most of the last decade or so and I can't put my finger on why. We fall in love with their skill position guys and at times you forget about their big uglies. The Dez Bryant situation has been a complete nightmare for Jerry Jones."

Alan Berger asked Russell if it's now finally time for Jerry Jones to bring in a general manager for the Cowboys, "Is it time now? No. It was time in 1997.  It's been so long overdue. And teams that don't have a general manager are not successful." Russell continued, "Jerry Jones is a brilliant businessman. He built an incredible stadium in Arlington. But football, at least the guts of football, that's not his forte."

Russell also talked about the Houston Texans, Arian Foster and the rest of the NFL. You can listen to the whole interview here on