With the success of Chinese swimmers at the 2012 London Olympics, more specifically a 16 year old girl, many respected members of the sport have begun to call their performance into question. The controversy stems from the 400 meter medley when she managed an amazing feet of swiming the last 50 meters of the race faster than men's medley champion Ryan Lochte.

Without being sexist, it is simply a matter of statistics, men swim faster than women, especially at the upper-echelon of the sport. Too see a female beat out a man, not just any man, but the fastest in the world, calls her training methods into question.

That is exactly what respected swimming coach John Leonard felt, calling her performance, "unbelievable, disturbing and suspicious." Leonard also added that, "The one thing I will say is that history in our sport will tell you that every time we see something, and I will put quotation marks around this, 'unbelievable', history shows us that it turns out later on there was doping involved." Granted, as of this moment, there is no evidence whatsoever to prove one way or the other if she was cheating, of if any of the other Chinese athletes are cheating.

That being said however, one must call into question the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the controversy surrounding the 2008 Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Team. Unfortunately that is not the first time in Olympic history that controversy has surrounded Chinese athletes. Back in the 1990s, Chinese swimmers were known to be dopers. China's anti-doping chief has said that Chinese athletes have undergone nearly 100 drugs tests since arriving in London, and that not a single Chinese athlete had tested positive.

If we have learned anything from watching MLB, just because someone passes a drug test, does not imply that they are clean, just clever.