Most of us have seen videos or heard stories of sideline dads or coaches snapping and attacking players, refs, coaches, members of the audience, etc. Recently, a new one has come out of about a youth hockey coach in Canada taking out a 13 year old player.

In the video, the coach nonchalantly approached the player,trips him, and walks away, only to turn around and point at the player, why? No ones really sure. According to statements made by the police after the incident, the incident happened Saturday at Thunderbird Arena on the University of British Columbia campus, where teams from Richmond and Vancouver were playing.

Police also said that the boy suffered minor injuries to his forearm and wrists when he braced himself from hitting the ice.

Check out the video for yourself and let us know what you think. After watching the video for the 50th time, the guy is a scumbag. Little is known what happened during the game to make the coach react in the manner that he did.

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