Texas Tech Head Tennis Coach Tim Siegel called into the Sports Shack to talk about the Red Raider Tennis team and their upcoming national championship tournament.

Siegel sung the praises of Gonzalo Escobar and Raony Carvalho, saying, “They deserve everything they get.” Siegel also discussed how proud he is of the Woman’s program for their first NCAA appearance in the 35 year history of the program. Both the men’s and woman’s team will participate in the upcoming national championship tournament.

Siegel broke down why the tennis program has been so successful as of late, and how he plans to continue that success. Siegel feels that not only has the tennis program been successful, but will continue to be successful, as well as the rest of the athletic programs at Texas Tech. In a more candid moment, Scott and coach Siegel talked about their favorite Bruce Springsteen album. Listen up, and let us know what you think.