FOX Sports SW reporter Emily Jones-McCoy joined the Williams & Hyatt Show Tuesday from the road with the Texas Rangers to give an inside look at the team, talk about what makes Texas successful and more.

Hyatt asked Jones what was attributing to the Rangers recent struggles behind the plate to score runs and if it’s a cause for concern?

“If the struggles were coming from a young, unproven area of this team there might be some concerns” Jones said. “I think because the struggles are coming from veteran hitters who have hit traditionally over the course of their careers that everything is going to be alright”.

In fact Jones said if there is one spot of genuine concern from the outside looking in it is with catcher Mike Napoli.

“He’s a guy who doesn’t have the proven track record.” Jones said. “He had the ridiculous second half last year which completely, totally changed our evaluation of him”.

It’s a great interview with great insight on the team. Be sure to give it a listen.

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