Ian Kinsler, second baseman for the Texas Rangers, announced after the Rangers 11-5 victory over the Seattle Mariners that he and the Rangers had agreed to a new contract.

The deal, which was overshadowed by Yu Darvish's debut, is worth $75 million over the next five years. The new deal will start in 2013, replacing the current $10 million option that the Rangers had for 2013.

The deal will not be finalized until Kinsler takes a physical.

Kinsler has been an extremely solid part of the Rangers defence and lineup since his major league debut back in 2006. Kinsler hit .255 with 32 homers, 77 RBIs with 30 stolen bases, joining the 30-30 club. Kinsler has a career .276 batting average with 126 homeruns.

Here are some Ian Kinsler highlights for your viewing pleasure.