The Texas Rangers are expecting to have two big hitters return to their lineup for tonight's game against the Chicago White Sox in Arlington, TX.

The Texas Rangers look forward to having Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz back in their lineup as they face off against the Chicago White Sox.

Ron Washington had this to say before Sunday's game against the Phillies:

If they make it out of there healthy and everything goes well today, they'll be back in Texas

While in their two game rehab in the minors with the Frisco Rough Riders, Josh Hamilton was 2 of 7 with a home run and double and Cruz was 4 of 8 with 2 home runs.

During the season Hamilton is hitting .333 while Cruz has yet to get hot and is only hitting .219

To accommodate Hamilton and Cruz the Rangers will need to take 2 players of their roster. One of the likely candidates is struggling catcher Taylor Teagarden who has a career average of .216. The other player to be dropped is a tougher choice. Ron Washington will likely choose between Chris Davis, Endy Chavez and Chris Gentry. All have been performing fairly well, but Chavez has been suffering from a strained hamstring for the last few days.

The Rangers have been 14 and 21 without Hamilton in the line up. Hamilton has been on the DL since April 13th after breaking a bone in his shoulder in a slide at home against the Detroit Tigers .  Cruz has been on the DL since May 3 after straining his quad against Seattle.