Phil ‘Lefty’ Mickelson apparently wants to be more than just a fan of the San Diego Padres as the golfer has joined one of five groups attempting to purchase the ball-club.

Mickelson announced Monday he is part of a group, which includes four grandchildren of former Los Angles Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley – Kevin and Brian O’Malley, and their cousins Peter and Tom Seidler, attempting to buy the team from John Moores, the Padres majority owner for the last 18 years.

''I've been talking to them about being involved with them, having an opportunity to invest in the team and being part of the ownership group,'' Mickelson said. ''I think it's a very good investment opportunity. More than that, it's opportunity to be involved in the community in San Diego, with something that gives the community a sense of pride. I feel like we can make the Padres a competitive team that can contend year in and year out, and we can do something for the community.”