The judge in the sexual abuse trial against former Penn. State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky thinks the trial might wrap up sooner than anyone expected. According to his report, the jury could get the trial before the end of this week.

In other news coming out of the trial, the defense called six witnesses to the stand attempting to paint a positive picture of Sandusky. In an odd turn of events, the defense isn't necessarily trying to deny that Sandusky did anything wrong, but instead focused heavily on character witnesses.

However, Dick Anderson, a longtime Penn State assistant coach was the only witness in the defenses case to directly refute a claim by the prosecution. Anderson testified that he and other coaches were present when Sandusky would bring the alleged victims to the athletic facilities, but, "never witnessed anything inappropriate."

Anderson also added that, "If Jerry would bring someone in with The Second Mile, they had been working out, for whatever reason they came in, it was not uncommon ... with the other coaches in the shower as well." Anderson is attempting to get the point across that if something was going on, someone would have been there to witness it.

Aside from Anderson's testimony, the defense has been attempting to paint a character portrait of Sandusky, going so far to claim that he has multiple personality disorders which caused him to not remember his alleged crimes.

What do you think of the case so far? Is it possible that he did not do what he is accused of doing? Or is the overwhelming amount of alleged victims put the nail in the coffin for Sandusky?