Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told TMZ.com about his ambitions to own the Los Angeles Dodgers unless the deal is right and if the organization is flexible. National sports pundits are saying this possibility is dead on arrival, but with a $3 billion dollar TV deal between Fox Sports and the Dodgers nixed and the high likelihood of Major League Baseball taking over the franchise, what could they lose with Cuban owning a floundering franchise which hasn't been relevant in over 20 years?

San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker is reportedly being shopped by the organization for a lottery pick according to Yahoo! Sports. I'm not surprised since the Spurs will need to replace Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli in the next few seasons as they continue to  decline in performance and health. Also, these comments by Parker in May probably didn't help. The Spurs are denying the reports, but don't be surprised if he is traded off tomorrow night.

7-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong  wants you to support a smoke free Texas according to his twitter account yesterday. While his achievements on the track and his recovery from cancer is admirable, why should the public kowtow to his stance against property rights on SB 28? The smoking ban in violates basic property rights and allows for Statists to take another chunk of our freedoms. Most are giving Armstrong the benefit of the doubt on his alleged doping and I hope one day that he can give property owners the benefit of the doubt of doing what is best with their property instead of pushing his own agenda. For more on property rights and tobacco rights in general, take a look at these fine folks at Cigar Rights of America.