In this edition of Men With Balls, a Ron Washington puppet makes an appearance, a cheerleader kicks herself in the head, a YouTube singer belts out a tune about Tom Brady, and Tracy McGrady’s beer almost gets stolen.

However, let’s start off with some trickery from an Israeli soccer match:

You Take The Shot…No I’ll Take The Shot

We’ve seen athletes use trickery before to get easy scores but an Israeli soccer team has got it down to an exact science.

Check out the team in red using a fake argument between two players to set up an easy free kick goal for their teammate:

The Ron Washington Puppet will amaze you

There are few things that amuse me more than people making puppets of famous MLB managers.

During a recent Texas Rangers game, FSN reporter Jix Knox found a fan whom brought a Ron Washington puppet to the game with him and showed all the mannerisms the real manager has:

Call Her Feet, Maybe?

In a previous edition of Men With Balls, we featured a video of the Harvard men’s baseball doing a synchronized dance to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”.

In the below video, the ladies from the Southern Methodist University rowing team have done their own version of the spoof and it might be a foot fetishes dream come true:

Call Me Brady?

It seems that almost anyone these days can become a YouTube sensation with a webcam and a sense of humor.

A New England Patriots fan by the name of Zach Murray appears to have that dream as he decided to create a song for New England’s legendary quarterback. While he doesn’t have the greatest voice in the world, he strings together some classic lyrics and shows the enthusiasm necessary to become the next star on the Internet:

Russian goalie falls down with trophy

For those of you following the IIHF world championships closely, you know that Russia ultimately claimed the crown by going undefeated in the tournament.

During the victory celebration, goalie Semyon Varlamov was holding up the trophy but accidentally slipped and fell flat on his butt:

An Incredible Aussie Rules Football Catch

We’ve seen some pretty impressive catches so far this year in all sports but there might not be a more incredible one than this Aussie Rules Football catch from Melbourne Demons player Jeremy Howe.

Watch as Jeremy jumps onto the shoulders of his defender to make the incredible catch:

Tracy McGrady knows Chinese?

It’s not surprising that Tracy McGrady has used his fame overseas to star in commercials.

Check out this advertisement that T-Mac did for Xuejin beer in China. The premise of the commercial is that McGrady has brought some beer to a basketball court and a group of Asian guys attempt to steal from him:

Cheerleader kicks herself in the head

We all know that cheerleaders are pretty good athletes but sometimes even they can screw up royally. The below video proves the old adage that high-kicks can sometimes be too high: